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The kinds of personal data we collect
from Dr.Web users

What we collect For what purpose
Name of the license owner To identify the user in the Doctor Web user database.
Who is the owner of a Dr.Web license?
Email address To communicate with license owners — to inform them about the status of their license and respond to requests they submit to the technical support service.
Country and city of residence To gather statistics about the geography of Dr.Web users. This data is used for marketing purposes and only in an anonymous form, unless specified otherwise by the user.

Users voluntarily provide this information when registering their serial number via the application interface or via the Registration Wizard on Doctor Web’s site. Our right to collect this data is specified in the License Agreement that users can read before they purchase a license and install Dr.Web. This data is used by Doctor Web’s employees and our company’s partners for their work.


A user’s license history, personal data, and any changes they make to their license while it is valid are stored for an indefinite period of time, unless specified otherwise by the user. This is necessary for our company’s business processes.

How can I opt out of having my personal data processed?

We also collect personal data from:

Dr.Web community members

This data is not shared with anyone else in any way, even if depersonalised or broken down (except when a community member is also a Dr.Web user—in this case, data is forwarded to our partners). The information is used solely to communicate with users, give them awards and trophies, and record their participation in community activities.

Users who request technical support

In this case, the data is collected to communicate with the user about the contents of their request. The composition of the personal data depends on the form of the request. After the user submits their request, their data is not deleted — it is stored for the purpose of maintaining a history of communication with the user in case the user submits repeat requests on the same issue or another issue in the future.

Linking accounts with social media

The ability to link a Doctor Web account with a social media account is a huge benefit that allows users to sign in to their Doctor Web account via their social media account with the click of a single icon, without entering their login and password, and to easily share our publications, place ‘Likes’ on social media, and tweet out our news releases.

When Doctor Web accounts are linked with social media accounts, Doctor Web obtains the social media account user ID and, in some cases, an email address (depending on what social media site is involved). If users have specified their age on a social media site and it transmits such data, Doctor Web can obtain that too.

How can I opt out of having my personal data processed?

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Read issues of the Anti-virus Times, our educational project, to find out why personal data needs to be protected and what damage can be caused when it leaks.