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Doctor Web — born to fight malware

At Doctor Web, we have been developing anti-virus software for many years.

Back in 1992, the future founder of the company - Igor Danilov from St.Petersbourg, Russia - made public his first anti-virus program that soon was named Dr.Web. 10 years of constant research and improvement of malware detection and eradication technologies carried by Danilov and his co-workers became a solid base for the company established in Moscow in 2003.

Our philosophy: we have always focused on scientific research rather than marketing investment. We select the best technical profiles and computer virology research is our DNA. Understanding, analyzing, dissecting malware is our passion.

Our mission: to think up and develop cutting-edge technologies to respond to constantly evolving threats that companies and organizations face daily.

Our products: we have always made our best efforts to cover all major operating systems and hardware platforms by our products. Today we offer to our customers a wide range of anti-malware tools and cloud-based investigation environments designed and maintained by our world-class engineers and developers.

Who we are?

  • An independent private company fully dedicated to internet security. No third party has ever influenced our strategy or vision.
  • Owner of all anti-virus technologies incorporated in the company’s products. This enables us to quickly respond to any challenges arising from the cybercriminal world and allows Dr.Web software to be used in companies and organizations with the highest security requirements.
  • Triple certification by state security and military bodies to meet the highest security requirements and to contain no undeclared features. This allows Dr.Web to protect systems processing extremely sensitive information.
  • Excellent technical support team

Dr.Web was one of the first anti-viruses in the world!

Doctor Web started developing its anti-virus in the first half of the 1990s when the Internet was only developing and had not yet become a global network, and just few companies could afford to access it.

Dr.Web was at the height of popularity almost from the moment it appeared—in the mid-90s, there was no computer in Russia that did not have Dr.Web installed on it. For more than 25 years, this top-notch, high-tech product has been operating on the extremely competitive global anti-virus market.

A short journey into the history of virus and anti-virus pioneers

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From our very first steps to our newest achievements: A history of our company and its product

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People and technologies: Dr.Web’s author Igor Danilov and his product

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Advanced Technologies

Doctor Web’s strategic goal, on which its entire workforce is focused, is to create anti-virus software that is of the highest quality and meets all the requirements currently placed on this segment of programs, and to develop new technologies that allow users to arm themselves against all types of computer threats.

All rights to Dr.Web technologies are reserved by Doctor Web.

Anti-virus engine technologies

The company’s software incorporates a proprietary anti-virus engine—only a few companies in the world have their own engine, and the rest license one from other anti-virus vendors. The Dr.Web engine utilises many effective, often unique non-signature technologies.

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Preventive protection technologies

Dr.Web can recognise suspicious programs that have similar behaviour patterns and block their operation even if their definitions haven’t yet been added to the Dr.Web virus database.

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Virus database

A distinctive feature of the Dr.Web virus database is that just a single entry can neutralise tens or hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of similar types of viruses! Even with its smaller number of database virus entries, compared with other programs, it can detect with a high degree of probability malicious programs that Dr.Web does not yet know (because they haven’t yet been added to the database).

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Global Updating System

The global Dr.Web virus-monitoring system obtains virus samples all over the Internet. As soon as an update is released, anti-viruses can retrieve it from several servers located at various points of the globe. Urgent updates are released as soon as a new threat has been thoroughly analysed.

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Dr.Web Anti-viruses

The Doctor Web development team responds to market demands as fast as possible and constantly offers the computer community new and effective components and applications. The line of anti-virus products developed and delivered by Doctor Web encompasses the widest range of operating systems and compatible applications.

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