• Doctor Web is a Russian anti-virus security company whose products are marketed under the brand name Dr.Web. The company’s foundation was laid by a team of developers who have been releasing and updating Dr.Web applications since 1992. Dr.Web was one of the world’s first anti-viruses. Doctor Web is a key player on the Russian anti-virus security market, creating software that meets the fundamental need of any business—reliable information security.
  • Doctor Web’s strategic goal, on which its entire workforce is focused, is to create anti-virus software that is of the highest quality and meets all the requirements currently placed on this segment of programs, and to develop new technologies that allow users to arm themselves against all types of computer threats
  • The company is one of the few anti-virus developers in the world to have its own proprietary technologies for detecting and curing malware. Doctor Web has its own anti-virus laboratory, global virus-monitoring service, and technical support service.
  • Dr.Web products are sold via its partner network.





8 800 333-79-32

3rd street Yamskoye polye 2-12А, Moscow, Russia, 125124




Research and Development Center


  • Doctor Web Pacific, Inc.
  • 2F, Nishishimbashi Star Bldg, 1-14-10, Nishishimbashi,Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0003, Japan
  • 3-6550-8770


Doctor Web offers businesses and individuals a wide range of products. Dr.Web applications are available for all popular platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux and Android.

Thanks to its rich experience and expertise, Doctor Web can provide various information security services to its customers. These services include cybersecurity incident investigations by the company's experts, using specially designed examination tools, including a sandbox for in-depth malware analysis.


  • Doctor Web is one of the few anti-virus makers in the world to possess its own anti-virus engine and unique malware-detection and -curing technologies.
  • Today’s Dr.Web makes extensive use of an entire set of heuristic, behavioural, and preventive non-signature technologies and combines them with conventional signature-based detection to achieve the highest level of security against known and unknown threats.
  • Dr.Web solutions are also powered by machine learning, which even further enhances their malware-detection capabilities. This also helps keep Dr.Web’s virus database compact, and the detection quality only improves with the record-low number of false positives.
  • Doctor Web malware-monitoring experts keep a close eye on the activities of cyber fraud rings, the techniques and tools they employ in order to anticipate future attacks.. This intelligence data is also used to develop preventive-protection technologies and ensure that state-of-the-art cybercrime tools can't be used against Dr.Web users.


Игорь Данилов

Igor Danilov

Company's Founder and Technical Director

Борис Шаров

Boris Sharov

General Director

Игорь Здобнов

Igor Zdobnov

Malware Research Laboratory Chief

Михаил Колядко

Mikhail Kolyadko

Technical Support Service Manager

Светлана теодорович

Svetlana Teodorovich

Head of the Partner Sales Development Department

Екатерина Пашоликова

Ekaterina Pasholikova

Key Customer Department Manager

Василий Севостьянов

Vasily Sevostyanov

Sales Support Manager

Константин Юдин

Konstantin Yudin

Project Manager (Windows, Unix)

Евгений Гладких

Evgeny Gladkikh

Project Manager (ES/AV-Desk)

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